Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kuala Sepetang and Hutan Paya Eko Matang

During the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, my grandfather decided to visit Kuala Sepetang for a road trip. We don’t have any agenda for the trip but simply to visit the place. Kuala Sepetang is an old Chinese fishing village located over in Perak.

As it is a small fishing town, we manage to go round the town in 15 minutes. However, we saw the Hutan Paya Bakau Eko Matang along the way back and decided to stop by for a stroll. I have been to a lot of swamp forest but I would say this is a very nice place for a stroll or evening walk.

This place is protected place and there are a lot of information that the management put up along the walkway through the swamp.

This place is a haven for crabs, prawns and fishes as it acts as their spawning place.

It also acts as a place for migratory birds to stop by as the food is abundant here.

Apart from that, there are great varieties of plants which can be found here too.

This will be great place to visit too if you are a avid fan of fishing! You can opt for the boat ride along the river or to the open sea or simply fish by the river bank.

Along the way back, we drop by Taiping and visited the foothill of Maxwell Hill.

It is simply a very nice and enjoyable trip and I get to spend some quality time with my grandparent!


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